Hilarie Couture

Hilarie Couture"I believe that God gave me this natural gift, but the more I have grown to understand art, the harder painting has become. Naively, at first, I remember not really thinking, just enjoying the process of painting but now that I know things, it is hard. I still enjoy the process but I am constantly asking myself..what is the color, temp, value …are my brushstrokes expressive enough, etc... It is a journey.

I am primarily a direct painter, prefer life but work from photos, I prefer oil for its various qualities ...thick to thin. Then pastel, oil pastel colored pencil, charcoal, and experimenting with mixed media and water media. My journey has taken me from photorealism to romantic impressionism to what I now want to do...as contemporary abstracted reality.

Hilarie Couture’s art is gaining interest with new collectors all over the country. She has been showing work in various galleries and businesses in the Portland / Vancouver area. She also teaches workshops, classes and does portrait and other commissions in her studio/gallery in Vancouver, Washington.

Dancing Muse  875 USD
Harloesque Muse  875 USD
The Donald  950 USD

Regency Parkway Art, Inc., Art Galleries, Dealers & Consultants, Omaha, NE


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May 12, 2018, 2nd Congressional District High School Art Competition
Winners Announced (More Information to Come)

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